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Foundation for Cultural Programs SWASH

SWASH Foundation inaugurated its programs in St. Petersburg in September 2002 with the Gennady Zubkov exhibition "Made in America, Before and After September 11th." Click here for further information about the Zubkov exhibition and catalogue.

In April 2003 the Foundation organized a unique tribute on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the city of St. Petersburg. The exhibition and catalogue entitled "St. Petersburg: Light on Shadow" featured the photography of Vladimir Semenov and the poetry of Mikhail Voronin. Click here for further information.

In March 2005 the Foundation achieved a memorial exhibition and album in honor of the late St. Petersburg artist, Armen Avetisian. Click here for additional information.

The Foundation's on-going Russian Folk Art project has expanded to include educational programs for children, including music, dance, crafts, festive parties and the display of traditional folk art objects in four St. Petersburg orphanages. Funding by Philip Morris International in Russia has made possible this outreach to needy children during 2003 and 2004. The children's programs are implemented with the participation of the following St. Petersburg partners: State Russian Museum of Ethnography, music by the Ethno-Folkloric Center of St. Petersburg, and "Paraskeva" Handweaving Club. A documentary video has been prepared in connection with the project.

In 2005 the Nordic Council of Ministers made a generous grant to extend the Russian Folk Art for Children programs to more children.

Please visit the enchanting World of Russian Folk Art at our site

SWASH Foundation does not make grants or solicit proposals from other organizations. The Foundation's main activities are in the areas of art, culture and education.

For further information contact Yevgenia Zimnukhova