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Tatyana Zhurkov

The latest ... Necklaces by Tatyana Zhurkov
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Mixed Media: plastic tubes, balls, beads and rings and fish bottle corks.
Dimension: height 3,5",length 18",width 10"
Provenance: Artist's Collection


Mixed Media: 18th century French silver brocade, mid-19th century Russian embroidery, early 19th century French silk, early 19th century German bronze buttons
Dimensions: height 19", width 16"
Provenance:Private Collection

Mixed Media: blue plastic "waves" and triangular "wings", multi-colored plastic tubes, balls, scissors, porcelain head of modern design
Dimensions: height 8", width 5", length 12"
Provenance:Artist's Collection


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       How does one determine the genre of Tatyana Zhurkov's works of art? Probably, like many things in contemporary art, her objects cannot be arranged on a traditional genre scale. They are toys and they are not toys; they are sculptural plastic arts and at the same time they are complex combinations of transparent forms that give the effect of cinematography to objects that look like steam engines, motorcycles or caterpillars.
       Tatyana Zhurkov's objects are not installations, although they could be. From my point of view, works of this artist arc a graphic embodiment of a contemporary world that she sees through she prism of shops full of an enormous variety of glass, plastic, metal, porcelain, and other bright and sparkling materials.


       The exhibition of Tatyana Zhurkov organized by the State Russian Museum, a museum that possesses a marvelous collection of decorative arts and folk arts, is an act of acknowledging through her work, the vitality of the tradition of appealing to play and to toys carried on by artists of many eras. These masters use contemporary materials and an artistic language that correspond to the time in which they live.

    Yevgenia Petrova,
    Deputy Director
    State Russian Museum